4 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Auto Body Shop

Don’t rush to hire the first auto body shop out there when you’re involved in a wreck or the vehicle sustains other types of damage. Some body shops are in the industry to make a fast dollar and couldn’t care less if they’d the work right or make customers happy. Who wants to experiences this hassle when it is so easy to choose a great auto body shop Fort Worth TX if you simply ask a few questions before you hire, such as the 4 listed below.

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1- Is Your Work Guaranteed? Is There a Warranty?

Be sure that any auto body shop you hire guarantees their work and/or provides a warranty. Any company who doesn’t offer a guarantee or a warranty is not one that you should trust because there are many others that offer this satisfaction.

2- Are You Licensed & Certified?

The auto body shop that you choose should have a license and hold certifications from some of the local auto repair organizations. Never hire an auto body shop without a license. Be sure they also carry liability insurance to keep things safe.

3- How Long Will it Take to Complete the Work?

Being without your automobile for any length of time can put a burden on your day, so you want the repairs made as quickly as possible. Ask the body shop how long it should take to make the repair before you leave the car. It is important that you know how long you’ll be without the car in order to make the arrangements.

4- What’s the Costs?

Obtain a written estimate before you hire a company to make auto repairs. Estimates help you find the right company and get the best prices for the job. It only takes a few minutes to get an estimate and since they’re free, there is nothing to lose.