The Benefits of Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a way to spread your message around the city using various forms of transportation, including billboard trucks and bicycles. Typically, the mobile billboard advertising is placed on the side of the vehicle and the vehicle goes about its way.

There are even dedicated trucks specifically designed to hold billboard-style advertisements, and these often have wrap advertising, sound systems to play the product’s jingle or logo, and illumination to see the advertisement even in the dark. Vinyl is attached to the sides of the truck using decals and hot water, effectually creating a sticker that can later be removed.

If a bicycle is used, often a large sign will be hooked or otherwise secured to the back of the bike and then the bike will be pedaled through the streets with the advertisement in tow. The effectiveness of mobile billboards is quite high because the moving advertisements often catch people’s attention longer than a quick glance at a static billboard.

If the mobile advertising goes on the same routes every couple of days, customers will feel the pressure to begin acting on the advertising that they see. Mobile media is much harder to tune out than other media on the road, and there generally aren’t a ton of competing moving trucks all on the same road. That’s why many businesses tend to lean towards using them when traditional sorts of advertising fail to bring in the revenue that they want.

mobile billboard advertising

Even something as small as an advertising bike can provide long term benefits for an advertising company if used correctly. Mobile advertising is something that needs to be done correctly and it might not show results right away, but the businesses that stick with it completely see the benefits of taking their ads on the road.

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